Elemental Analysis Applications

Online Dilution

Aurora’s patented technology of online dilution for flame AAS eliminates the tedious task of manual standards preparation for AAS analysis. This sample preparation system allows the user to create an entire calibration curve with one single stock standard solution within minutes.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The elimination of this manual procedure greatly reduces time in the laboratory for sample analysis and maintains greater accuracy of the results. The revolutionary design of Aurora’s compact online dilutor makes our technology far greater than our competitors. Our online dilution system is already built in to our nebulizer chamber, which greatly reduces the need for additional hardware and bench space for this added feature.

Online Dilution Concentration Calibration for Cu

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Figure 1: Results of flame AAS with a single stock solution


  • Elimination of multiple standard preparations for flame AAS analysis
  • Performs online multi-point calibration from a single standard stock solution
  • Fast, online dilution of over-range samples
  • No costly, time-consuming manual dilution and preparation
  • Greater accuracy in results