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Automation of Next Generation Sequencing

Genomics has been profoundly changed by recent technological advances allowing for low cost DNA sequencing. Comparing the $3 billion human genome sequencing project that led to a completed sequence in 2003 to the pending reality of sequencing the same genome for $1,000 highlights the importance of the emergence of new research tools for the field. Next generation sequencing technologies are paving the way for this wide-scale investigation into nucleic acids. Sequencing platforms such as Solexa, 454 and SOLiD provide unique methods for procuring genomic information and each have specific classes of sequencing projects that they are best suited for. While these platforms continue to improve, additional next generation sequencing methods offered by groups such as Ion Torrent and Pacific Biosystems are being introduced to further push down the cost of genomic research and satisfy the varying needs of different client bases.

Next generation sequencing promises to continue making genomic research more accessible, but the sequencing itself is only a portion of a larger workflow that must be carried out in order to fully to benefit from these innovations. Increased sequencing capabilities lead to an increased requirement for tasks such as sample collection, nucleic acid purification, library preparation and sequence analysis. Aurora has developed multiple solutions for automating traditional bench work protocols associated next generation sequencing. The VERSA Nucleic Acid Preparation workstation is a small footprint instrument ideal for DNA extraction from different matrices which provides reliable results while maximizing the quantity of recovered material. Aurora’s VERSA Next Generation Library Prep workstations provide automation solutions for both high throughput research facilities and small laboratories that are executing library preparations for next generation sequencing platforms. These systems offer consistent efficiency for size selection, enzymatic modification and DNA cleanup protocols. Both systems are open platforms and work with kits provided by 3rd parties, allowing users to continue working with the consumables they are familiar with.

VERSA 110 NGLP Liquid Handling Workstation VERSA 1100 NGLP Liquid Handling Workstation

As researchers continue to adopt automation for streamlining next generation sequencing workflow requirements, Aurora will continue to provide unique solutions addressing protocol bottlenecks.