Automated Liquid Handling
Automated Liquid Handling

PCR Setup

PCR test

PCR is ubiquitously used in labs around the world for many different applications including, among others, DNA cloning for sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, blood virus PCR testing and PCR tests for insertions or deletions. PCR setup is a tedious and labor intensive process. Automation removes the opportunity for human error, cross contamination and reagent waste. Taq polymerase is a vital component of any PCR procedure. Taq polymerase synthesizes the complement strand to PCR targets. Despite its routine use, taq polymerase is an expensive part of any PCR protocol and is precious as a result. Aurora’s VERSA liquid handling workstations precision aspirating and dispensing capabilities ensure that efficient use of expensive reagents such as taq polymerase. Reagents are conserved much more efficiently using an automated liquid handler than can be done by manual pipetting methods. Using scarce resources more effectively reduces the cost per PCR test and enables researchers PCR setup can be carried out at a far lower cost per well.

PCR tests are applicable to a wide range of research application areas including food safety testing, clinical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. While raw RNA is often sourced from tissue or cell cultures, using a cDNA library as a starting point is becoming increasingly common. Generating and maintaining a cDNA library is an excellent way to study eukaryotic genomes, especially for reverse genetics applications. Once a cDNA library is established, PCR and real time PCR can be carried out with targeted primers to isolate the sequence of interest for future study.

Blood virus PCR testing is becoming increasingly popular due to its impressive accuracy, and the severity of several viruses including HIV. Fast diagnosis may make the difference between life and death. High infection numbers require high-throughput capacity to ensure fast, accurate diagnoses. Aurora’s VERSA liquid handling workstations quickly and accurately setup PCR tests. Aurora’s dedicated team of application scientists and engineers quickly and accurately assist users with method development, maximizing instrument performance while minimizing instrument down times.