Automated Liquid Handling
Automated Liquid Handling

Automation of RNA Seq

VERSA 1100

Sometimes referred to as "whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing" or "RNA Seq", RNA sequencing is a process that allows researchers to start with isolated RNA and end with a detailed understanding of each transcript’s contents using next generation sequencing methods.

Manual protocols are time consuming and error prone. Aurora's VERSA liquid handlers are an automated solution for researchers desiring reliable high throughput RNA seq results. The VERSA Nucleic Acid Preparation workstation may be fitted with the optional vacuum manifold and magnetic bead separator module. This flexible configuration enables the system to operate with virtually any 3rd party RNA isolation kit available on the market today allowing users to continue working with the consumables they are familiar with.

Contamination avoidance is one of the greatest concerns when performing RNA seq protocols. Aurora's VERSA automated liquid handling systems are compatible with disposable, filtered tips to minimize aerosolized contamination. However, the optional HEPA filtered / UV / fluorescent light enclosure truly sets VERSA liquid handling workstations ahead of the competition. The enclosed working environment provided by this hood allows users to walk away from sensitive samples such as RNA with complete confidence.