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Automation of Reverse Transcriptase PCR

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Reverse transcriptase PCR has become the primary technique for mRNA quantification and detection. This procedure requires a high quality RNA source as a starting point, and as a result, RNA isolation has traditionally been the bottleneck when it comes to achieving high throughput qRT PCR results. Aurora’s VERSA Nucleic Acid Purification and VERSA PCR Setup workstations provide the processing power necessary to dramatically increase your RNA isolating capacity. VERSA workstations remove the RNA isolation bottleneck, enabling unencumbered real time PCR throughput

Like original PCR and real time PCR processes, reverse transcriptase PCR preparation involves a number of reagents, and manual setup can be tedious. Automated solutions such as VERSA liquid handling workstations frees up staff time and eliminates the possibility of human error, yielding more accurate, dependable reverse transcriptase PCR results. Optional incubation modules on the deck on the workstation facilitate full automation of the reverse transcriptase reaction.