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Automated Liquid Handling

Automation of Real Time PCR

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Real time PCR is a powerful technique that allows researchers to examine DNA to a new degree of precision. Researchers generally require precise, accurate aspiration and dispensing of small volume samples. Manual pipetting is laborious and error-prone.

Laboratories considering high throughput real time PCR will maximize efficiency with automated solution such as Aurora’s VERSA 110 PCR Setup workstation. Precision aspirating and dispensing offered by this system enables small-volume samples to be reliably run simultaneously in triplicate or duplicate.

As with any PCR technique, contamination in the form of DNase or foreign nucleic acids is a primary concern for real time PCR. The VERSA 110 PCR Setup system is compatible with disposable, filtered tips to minimize aerosolized contamination. The optional HEPA filtered / UV / fluorescent light enclosure allows users to walk away from sensitive samples, secure in the knowledge that the integrity of their samples is protected.


Automation of Realtime PCR Setup for Fish cDNA on VERSA 10 Workstation

Plant and Animal Genome 2013

A major challenge in automated PCR technology is efficiently scaling up to high-throughput PCR using microliter volumes of cDNA samples while also ensuring low cross-contamination and high accuracy and reproducibility. Aurora Biomed Inc. has recently launched its VERSA 10 PCR Setup Workstation (Figure 1) as an answer for accurate and reproducible high-throughput PCR. In this work, real-time PCR setups for 2 trout fish genes (SF10 and SF1a) were configured using Aurora Biomed’s VERSA 10 Workstation to dispense 1 or 2 µL-volumes of cDNA template into an alternate column to check for cross-contamination. The statistical analysis from the replicates and inter-channel capabilities indicates that each of the channels reproducibly dispenses accurate volumes along the deck while conditions generate amplicons of the same size, making the VERSA 10 PCR Setup Workstation an excellent alternative for high-throughput and real-time PCR. download here...(pdf file 1.5MB)