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Automation of Protein Purification

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Protein purification is a sequential approach to isolating a protein of interest from a homogenate of tissue or cell culture sample. Many techniques exist to isolate proteins using unique characteristic such as molecular weight, solubility, size and charge to differentiate between compounds. VERSA liquid handling workstations may be used to either fully or partially automate any such protein purification protocols.

In order to maximize recovery, it is important to minimize the number of purification steps necessary to achieve the desired concentration. VERSA liquid handling workstations offer precise pipetting and reagent handling thereby maximizing the efficiency of each purification step. VERSA liquid handlers operate quickly and efficiently, thereby eliminating biologically active contaminants that could harm the protein of interest far more quickly than what could be achieved manually. Aurora’s intuitive, easy to use VERSAware software platform allows users to personalize their protein purification protocol to a greater degree than any other instrument available within the market place. The VERSA liquid handling workstation may be used to automate a wide range of protocol requirements. Aurora’s dedicated team of application scientists and engineers quickly and accurately assist users with method development, maximizing instrument performance while minimizing instrument down times.