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High-Density Peptide Array printing and Synthesis

The ability to print high-density arrays has become an important tool in such applications as drug screening, molecular biology, and genetic analysis. Printing many samples onto a solid substrate allows researchers to efficiently screen thousands of conditions in a very small space saving time and money and increasing throughput. Aurora Instruments has validated the VERSA Mini (110) liquid-handling workstation to support these applications. Consistently printing small volumes on solid substrates involves many factors. Pulse length, pressure, solvent concentration and composition, substrate surface treatment, and robotic movement and speed were studied. Through careful optimization, we were able to consistently print a volume of 15nL onto epoxy coated glass slides using the NanoPipettor. We will discuss the optimization procedure and present data using our peptide array printing technology and explore antibody array applications.

Download more on the VERSA Mini liquid-handling workstation and Peptide Array Printing and Synthesis:

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