Automated Liquid Handling
Automated Liquid Handling

Automation of Miniprep

The process of cloning nucleic acids into an appropriate vector, subsequent transformation into an appropriate bacterial host, and selection of colonies amplifying the nucleic acid is relied on for many applications. Whether a researcher requires a cloned library or is simply looking to recover the full sequence of a cloned fragment, the entire process of cloning and associated miniprep work is both invaluable and laborious. Manual methods often result in backlogs or reduced precision.

Automation prevents backlogs and increases precision while simultaneously reducing cost overruns. Aurora’s VERSA automated liquid handling systems are open platforms that automate typical bench protocols and support 3rd party kits for miniprep isolations. Purity and quantity of cloned DNA are the most important measures of competence for downstream applications. VERSA liquid handling workstations provide accurate, reliable liquid handling thereby ensuring that no compromises are made.

For more information, please review further information on our VERSA liquid handling workstations or contact us directly to discuss your specific application or miniprep kit. Thank you for considering AURORA to solve your lab automation requirements.

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