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Magnetic Sequencing / PCR Clean Up Solutions

Magnetic Binding Dye Terminator Kit

Dye-Terminator Removal utilizing paramagnetic beads

Aurora’s Magnetic Binding kits provide a solution for laboratories searching for high quality results using automated liquid handling workstations. Aurora’s Magnetic Binding kits utilize paramagnetic particles to isolate high quality yield and purity from both DNA and RNA samples. Samples are mixed with our special buffer which lyses the cell and releases the DNA under denaturing conditions. After adjusting the binding conditions, DNA binds to the surface of the magnetic binding particles while impurities are effectively removed with a few quick wash steps. Most kits are scalable and can be used manually or with a variety of robotic platforms. Paramagnetic bead based technology is described pictorially below.

Magnetic Binding PCR Purification Kit

PCR Purification System utilizing paramagnetic beads

The Magnetic Binding PCR Purification system utilizes a magnetic beads based purification method to recover highly concentrated DNA from PCR products. By using the highly efficient binding ability of our Magnetic Binding technology, DNA fragments are selectively bound to the surface of the Magnetic Binding particles. Impurities such as salts, primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs are removed. Purified DNA is ready for downstream applications such as microarrays, automated fluorescent DNA sequencing and restrictive enzyme digestion. The system can be used manually or used in an automated processing.

For more information, please review Aurora’s High-Throughput Screening Kits brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific application. Thank you for considering AURORA to solve your lab automation requirements.

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