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Automation of On Slide PCR using VERSA™ 110 PCR Setup Workstation

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a highly sensitive technique, enabling researchers to rapidly select and amplify a specific target sequence from a background of non-related sequences. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to perform PCR on samples adhered to microscope slides. In situ on slide PCR enables effective detection of low-copy sequences and permits cell-by-cell gene expression testing.

Advalytix’s AmpliSpeed slide thermocycler was specifically designed as a compact thermocycler capable of performing all PCR reactions on a standard glass slide. AmpliGrid glass slides have a special chemically structured surface with DNA free reaction centers. 5 µL of sealing solution must be applied to each droplet on the slide surface. This platform enables users desiring ultra low volume tests in the 1 µL range. This novel system maintains superior convenience, speed, sensitivity, efficiency and reproducibility. It is possible to analyze according to a cell by cell and/or gene by gene approach. Any template material that may be fixed to slides - including clinical or forensic stains and purified nucleic acids can be used with this approach.

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VERSA 110 PCR Setup Workstation with module for Advalytix Amplislide

on slide PCR

VERSA 110 PCR Setup Workstation with module for Advalytix Amplislide

Download more on the VERSA 110 workstation and On-Slide PCR Setup:

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