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VERSATM Cap Piercing Workstation

November 27, 2009

Aurora’s VERSA™ Cap Piercing Workstation Efficiently Performs Closed Tube Sampling

Aurora is pleased to announce the launch of its new VERSATM Cap Piercing Workstation. This fully automated, multi-tasking robotic system is programmed to perform closed tube sampling (CTS), automate sample transfer, dilution and much more. Using this workstation simplifies tedious, repetitive and error prone sample preparation protocols.

The VERSA Cap Piercing Workstation maintains sample integrity while protecting lab technicians from hazardous chemicals often used in sample preparation. The VERSA Cap Piercing Workstation’s waste containment system and cap piercing needles reduce the time spent interacting with biologically hazardous solutions. Features such as an independent wash reservoir and sonication of the piercing needles prevent sample contamination.

The VERSA Cap Piercing Workstation does more with less and is cost efficient. Piercing needles aspirate / dispense the sample as required saving the unnecessary expense of disposable tip waste. Needles pierce through sample vial caps and stoppers, reducing physical injuries experienced by workers due to repetitive de-capping and re-capping of samples.

The VERSA Cap Piercing Workstation is just one of many automation solutions that Aurora offers to both the analytical and life-science industries. Aurora offers complete solutions including application support, instrumentation and reagents, ensuring users receive their desired results quickly and efficiently.

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